Engineering Your Future: An Australasian Guide, 3rd Edition

ISBN: 9780730314721

Engineering Your Future: An Australasian Guide, Third Edition is the ideal resource for undergraduate students beginning their engineering studies. Building on the success of the popular first and second editions, this new edition continues the strong and practical emphasis on skills that are essential for engineering problem solving and design. Numerous topical and locally focused examples of projects across the broad range of engineering disciplines help to demonstrate vividly the role and responsibilities of a professional engineer. Themes of sustainability, ethical practice and effective communication are a constant throughout the text.


  • Expanded coverage of sustainability, design, engineering economics and professional responsibility concepts.
  • New and updated real world engineering project examples to illustrate key concepts.
  • Critical thinking questions added throughout the text.
  • Interactive Study Guide.
David Dowling
University of Southern Queensland

Rodger Hadgraft
University of Melbourne

Anna Carew
University of Tasmania

Tim McCarthy
University of Wollongong

Doug Hargreaves
Queensland University of Technology

Caroline Baillie
University of Western Australia

Part 1 Introduction to engineering
1. What is engineering?
2. The engineering method

Part 2 Engineering in society
3. Sustainable engineering
4. Professional responsibility and ethics

Part 3 Professional skills
5. Self-management
6. Collaborating with others

Part 4 Communication
7. Understanding communication
8. Communication skills

Part 5 Applying the engineering method
9. Understanding the problem
10. Engineering design
11. Evaluating options
12. Engineering decision making
13. Managing engineering projects
14. Communicating information

Part 6 Planning your career
15. Your engineering future

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