Engineering Fluid Mechanics, 12th Australia & New Zealand Edition

ISBN: 9781119570813

Written by dedicated educators who are also real-life engineers with a passion for the discipline, the twelfth edition of Engineering Fluid Mechanics (Elger et al.) carefully guides you from fundamental fluid mechanics concepts to real-world engineering applications, and guides students from theory to application, emphasising critical thinking, problem solving, estimation, and other vital engineering skills. Clear, accessible writing puts the focus on essential concepts, while abundant illustrations, charts, diagrams, and examples illustrate complex topics and highlight the physical reality of fluid dynamics applications. Over 1,000 chapter problems provide the “deliberate practice”—with feedback—that leads to material mastery, and discussion of real-world applications provides a frame of reference that enhances student comprehension.

The study of fluid mechanics pulls from chemistry, physics, statics, and calculus to describe the behavior of liquid matter; as a strong foundation in these concepts is essential across a variety of engineering fields, this text likewise pulls from civil engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, and more to provide a broadly relevant, immediately practicable knowledge base. Written by a team of educators who are also practicing engineers, this book merges effective pedagogy with professional perspective to help today’s students become tomorrow’s skillful engineers.

New to this edition include critical thinking sections that have been revised to align with the nomenclature used by textbooks on critical thinking, homework solutions that are presented in a new, easier to comprehend format, and an additional 300+ homework problems that provide further critical thinking exercises.


  • Promotes student engagement with an accessible writing style, vibrant visuals, and plentiful photographs and illustrations.
  • Aids student comprehension and information retention with over 1,100 fluid dynamics practice problems, with selected answers provided.
  • Approaches fluid dynamics in a manner inclusive of civil, mechanical, electrical, and other engineering fields.
  • Emphasises technical derivatives in order to strengthen students’ grasp of fundamental equations.
  • Applies the Wales-Woods Model to examples throughout the text, equipping students early with an expert approach to problem solving.
Donald F. Elger

Barbara A. LeBret

Clayton T. Crowe

John A. Roberson

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Fluid Properties
Chapter 3: Fluid Statics
Chapter 4: The Bernoulli Equation and Pressure Variation
Chapter 5: Control Volume Approach and Continuity Equation
Chapter 6: Momentum Equation
Chapter 7: The Energy Equation
Chapter 8: Dimensional Analysis and Similitude
Chapter 9: Viscous Flow over a Flat Surface
Chapter 10: Flow in Conduits
Chapter 11: Drag and Lift
Chapter 12: Compressible Flow
Chapter 13: Flow Measurements
Chapter 14: Turbomachinery
Chapter 15: Flow in Open Channels
Chapter 16: Modeling of Fluid Dynamics Problems
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