Educational Psychology, 3rd Australian Edition

ISBN: 9780730363439, 9780730354871

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The third Australian edition of Educational Psychology (O’Donnell et al.) draws together the pre-eminent academic voices in Australia’s educational psychology landscape to help pre-service teachers develop a practical framework to implement teaching strategies that promote students’ learning, development and potential. This is achieved through jargon-free language, extensive lesson plan analysis and engaging, in-situ media.

Available as a full-colour printed textbook with an interactive eBook code, this text enables every student to master concepts and succeed in assessment by taking the roadblocks out of self-study, with features that are designed to ensure you get the most out of what you’re learning.

This edition helps inform the ‘prac’ teaching experience with extensive lesson plan analysis and honing the development of skills with thought-provoking questions and activities, and is complemented with videos that allow you to connect the theoretical with the practical, Concept Check questions that tests your comprehension, with instant feedback that provides guidance in where your strengths and weaknesses lie (for further study), as well as learning tools you can use to develop skills you can build on throughout your teaching career, and the opportunity to work between the online (interactive e-text) and offline (print) to cater to how you study best.

Key Features

  • Refreshed resources like lesson plans that provide pre-service teachers with real examples of what to do when they get into the classroom.
  • Videos to engage, as well as in-situ self-check questions.
  • Strengthened and updated content around ability and disability, digital learning and learning.
Wiley Interactive E-Text
Wiley Interactive E-Text
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Practitioner Videos
Practitioner Videos

Video insights from high-profile practitioners help students connect course concepts with real-world local cases.

Concept check questions
Concept check questions

Students can test their comprehension and get instant feedback with interactive Concept Check questions, embedded at the point of learning.

Search, highlight and annotate
Search, highlight and annotate

Interactive textbook lets students search, highlight and take notes within the text for efficient study.

Angela M O’Donnell
Eva Dobozy
Brendan Bartlett
Michael C. Nagel
Simone Smala
Catherine Wormald
Gregory Yates
Rebecca Spooner-Lane
Amina Youssef-Shalala
Johnmarshall Reeve
Jeffrey K. Smith
Chapter 1 Introducing educational psychology and reflective practice

Chapter 2 Teachers and teaching

Chapter 3 Neurological, physical, cognitive and language development

Chapter 4 Social development

Chapter 5 Individual differences and special needs

Chapter 6 Behavioural learning theory

Chapter 7 Engaging learning in the classroom

Chapter 8 Cognitive and social cognitive learning

Chapter 9 Complex cognition and social constructivism

Chapter 10 Learning from peers

Chapter 11 Motivation and engagement

Chapter 12 Motivation to learn

Chapter 13 Classroom assessment

Chapter 14 Standardised and standards-based assessment

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