Contemporary Strategic Management: An Australasian Perspective, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 9781118362556

Contemporary Strategic Management An Australasian Perspective, 2nd Edition is an indispensable resource for Australasian business strategy students. Packed with real-world examples from Australia, New Zealand, and the Asia-Pacific region, the text focuses on relevant issues such as globalisation, ethics, sustainability and the rise of social media, meaning you’ll stay up to date with all your course content. The text presents insightful theory and core strategic concepts in a lively and engaging style, including diverse and intriguing case studies such as the evolution of Facebook, the grounding of Qantas, the ferocity of Australian supermarket wars, and the controversial Chinese bids for NBN contracts.


  • Strategy Implementation: Implementation doesn’t occur in a vacuum, so why address this critical stage in isolation? By taking a contemporary approach, implementation is integrated in every chapter. A strategy formulated without due consideration of its implementation is destined to be fatally flawed.
  • Emerging topics: Coverage of emerging topics such as Corporate Governance and Network Strategy.
  • Scene Setter: Opening vignettes in each chapter introduce a real-world example that highlights the chapter’s theme.
  • Strategy Capsule: Australasian examples with a global perspective help students make connections between theory with practice.
  • End of Book Case Studies: Ten cases that further illustrate the strategic management process. Each case relates to concepts from multiple chapters from the text and is followed by discussion questions.
  • Full colour treatment for spatial learners: Strategy diagrams make understanding of key concepts easy!
Rob Grant is the Eni Professor of Strategic Management at Bocconi University in Milan as well as a Visiting Fellow at Georgetown University. He is British but has taught for many years in North America at UCLA, Georgetown, California Polytechnic and University of British Columbia. He has worked with companies such as Nortel, American Express, Zurich Financial Services and Lockheed Martin. He is on the editorial boards of Strategic Management Journal, Long Range Planning, and Strategy & Leadership.

Bella Butler is a Senior Lecturer in Strategic Management at Curtin University of Technology. She has nearly 20 years of tertiary teaching, business research and consulting experience. Bella’s expertise is built on business strategy in dynamic markets; partnerships, alliances and networks; interfirm cooperation in clusters; international business; and sustainability of regional economies. Bella is a member of the Strategic Management Society and a member of the Industrial Marketing Purchasing (IMP) Group. She has published research articles on various topics of strategic management over the past 10 years. Bella is a reviewer of the International Marketing Management Journal. She has international experience in business consulting and executive education. Bella has demonstrated relationship-building skills and leadership skills in a broad international community.

Stuart Orr is Professor of Strategic Management at Deakin University and chairs a number of senior university committees. He is Chief Editor of the World Management Journal, Chair of two annual international business conferences and has directed two of Australia’s largest MBA programs, owned and operated two commercial businesses, and was president of one of Australia’s largest NGOs. Stuart is currently Vice President of the Board of the Decision Sciences Institute (a global association of researchers), an honorary member of the Finance and Treasury Association of Australia and a Fellow of both the World Business Institute and Chifley Business School. He has published an extensive range of articles and books on strategic management over the past 25 years and has just co-authored a text titled Doing Business in China: Getting Ready for the Asian Century, published in 2012.

Peter A. Murray is an Associate Professor of Management at the University of Southern Queensland and an experienced academic and researcher with over 50 journal articles, books and book chapters, with publications in leading journals. Currently, Peter is Associate Editor for the International Journal of Learning and Change and Australasian Editor for Management Decision. He is a regular reviewer for Management Learning, Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources and Human Resource Management Journal, and sits on the editorial advisory Board for the South Asian Journal of Global Business Research. He is also an experienced consultant to global firms in strategic management and change. Peter has conducted consultancies and executive and group training across Australian and South-East Asia to leading government agencies and large corporate firms, including the Department of Public Works and Services, Hawker de Havilland, Sunrice, Energy Australia, B. Braun, and the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation.

Part 1 Introduction
1. Strategy: concepts and perspectives
2. Corporate governance and sustainability

Part 2. The Tools of Strategy analysis
3. Goals, values and performance
4. Industry analysis
5. Analysing resources and capabilities

Part 3. The analysis of competitive advantage
6. The nature and sources of competitive advantage
7. Business-level strategies

Part 4. Strategy formulation and evaluation
8. Corporate-level strategy
9. Networks, partnerships and alliances
10. Organisational structure and strategic control
11. Global strategies and the multinational corporation
12. Strategy evaluation

Part 5. Cases in strategic management
Case study matrix
Case study 1. Facebook: the evolving strategy
Case study 2. The grounded kangaroo? An analysis of Qantas
Case study 3. Fortescue Metals Group Limited
Case study 4. The Australian supermarket industry
Case study 5. India’s cup of tea
Case study 6. Michael Hill International: controlled expansion and sustainable growth
Case study 7. Not just a game
Case study 8. AirAsia: getting everyone to fly
Case study 9. The North Australian Pastoral Company: corporate strategy in a changing climate
Case study 10. Managing the political factor: Huawei in Australia

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