Communication Skills Handbook, 4th Edition

ISBN: 9781118646014

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Communication Skills Handbook, 4th Edition by Jane Summers and Brett Smith has been revised and updated to equip contemporary students with the written and oral communication guidelines you need to succeed at university and beyond.


Suitable for use across all disciplines, the handbook provides successful approaches to researching, writing and referencing, along with a wealth of examples and practical tips for preparing and presenting oral reports, essays and assignments.


  • The internet and social media are now tightly interwoven into modern communication and, as such, play a key role in education, business and recruitment. Therefore, specific information relating to the usage of ePortfolios, Wikis and Weblogs for assessment; the role of Turnitin and Wikipedia; and techniques for determining the quality of on-line sources has been included. Techniques for using social media effectively in the job application process are also discussed.
Jane Summers
University of Southern Queensland

Brett Smith
BisVision Australia

1. Guidelines for assessment
2. Referencing
3. Report writing
4. The case study
5. Essay writing
6. Oral presentations
7. Examination techniques
8. Winning the ’right‘ job
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Textbook: 9781118646014