Cognitive Neuroscience, 5th International Student Edition

ISBN: 9780393667813

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Written by world-renowned researchers, including Michael Gazzaniga, Cognitive Neuroscience remains the gold standard in its field, showcasing the latest discoveries and clinical applications. In its new Fifth Edition, updated material is woven into the narrative of each chapter and featured in new Hot Science and Lessons from the Clinic sections. The presentation is also more accessible and focused as the result of Anatomical Orientation figures, Take-Home Message features, and streamlined chapter openers.


  • The gold standard, more accessible than ever: Retaining its hallmark authority, the Fifth Edition’s NEW streamlined organisation and shorter chapter introductions make cognitive neuroscience approachable for a wider variety of students.
  • Everything updated: NEW redesigned illustrations and anatomical figures facilitate student understanding, and NEW Take-Home Messages in each chapter reinforce essential concepts.
  • Clinical applications and current research will engage students: In addition to the most current patient-study research, the text provides a fascinating window into the field’s real-world applications. NEW Chapter openers share patient stories and NEW Lessons from the Clinic show how in-class concepts play out in a clinical setting.
Michael S. Gazzaniga
Richard B. Ivry
George R. Mangun
Part I: Background and Methods
Chapter 1. A Brief History of Cognitive Neuroscience
Chapter 2. Structure and Function of the Nervous System
Chapter 3. Methods of Cognitive Neuroscience

Part II: Core Processes
Chapter 4. Hemispheric Specialization
Chapter 5. Sensation and Perception
Chapter 6. Object Recognition
Chapter 7. Attention
Chapter 8. Action
Chapter 9. Memory
Chapter 10. Emotion
Chapter 11. Language

Part III: Control Processes
Chapter 12. Cognitive Control
Chapter 13. Social Cognition
Chapter 14. The Consciousness Problem

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