Cognition: Exploring the Science of the Mind, 7th Edition

ISBN: 9780393665093

A “big picture” focus on the science and applications.

One of the most successful texts ever published on its subject, the new Seventh Edition focuses on the insights and ideas that drive the field and supports student learning. Three exciting features—a new pedagogical programme based on the “testing effect”, a comprehensive, author-created instructor’s guide, and ZAPS Cognition Labs—deliver a dynamic, interactive introduction to cognitive psychology today.


  • Comprehensive new pedagogy based on the “Testing Effect”: Based on thoroughly documented research concerning the “testing effect”, Reisberg has interwoven NEW Test Yourself questions throughout each chapter with the aim of strengthening student memory retention. NEW chapter-ending Think About It activities encourage critical thinking about the concepts, theories and research covered in the chapter.
  • Applies cognitive psychology to everyday life: NEW Cognition Outside the Lab applications highlight how cognitive psychology is connected to both student learning and everyday life. Additional essays on education and the law show students how cognitive psychology is relevant to study skills and the legal system.
  • A focus on the current research that drives the field: Rigorously current, the Seventh Edition includes nearly 300 new research citations since 2014. With a focus on the research that has shaped the field and new discoveries in modern cognitive psychology, Cognition exposes students to the research that cognitive psychologists are conducting today.
Daniel Reisberg
PART ONE: The foundations of cognitive psychology
Chapter 1. The science of the mind
Chapter 2. The neural basis for cognition

PART TWO: Learning about the world around us
Chapter 3. Visual perception
Chapter 4. Recognising objects
Chapter 5. Paying attention

Chapter 6. The acquisition of memories and the working-memory system
Chapter 7. Interconnections between acquisition and retrieval
Chapter 8. Remembering complex events

PART FOUR: Knowledge
Chapter 9. Concepts and generic knowledge
Chapter 10. Language
Chapter 11. Visual knowledge

PART FIVE: Thinking
Chapter 12. Judgement and reasoning
Chapter 13. Problem solving and intelligence
Chapter 14. Conscious thought, unconscious thought

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