Chemistry: Core Concepts, 1st Edition

ISBN: 9780730311065

Chemistry Core Concepts 1st Edition has been developed by a group of leading chemistry educators for students entering university with little or no background in chemistry. It presents the core concepts in chemistry at a level that will enable you to build confidence and achieve success in your university chemistry studies.


  • Written for the Australian market, using a variety of local examples and case.
  • Chemistry concepts are introduced at a pace that is accessible for students studying chemistry for the first time.
Allan Blackman
Auckland University of Technology

Adam Bridgeman
The University of Sydney

Gwen Lawrie
The University of Queensland

Daniel Southam
Curtin University

Christopher Thompson
Monash University

Natalie Williamson
The University of Adelaide

1. The nature of matter
2. The language of chemistry
3. Measurement and chemical calculations
4. Chemical reactions and stoichiometry
5. Atomic energy levels
6. Chemical bonding and molecular structure
7. States of matter
8. Chemical thermodynamics
9. Chemical equilibria
10. Solutions and solubility
11. Acids and bases
12. Oxidation and reduction
13. Reaction kinetics
14. Organic chemistry 1
15. Organic chemistry 2
16. Biochemistry
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E-Text: 9780730324935
Textbook: 9780730311065