Chemistry, 4th Edition

ISBN: 9780730363286

The fourth edition of Chemistry, 4th Edition (Blackman et al.) continues the substantial commitment of Wiley to Chemistry Education in Australia and New Zealand by providing the appropriate mix of organic, inorganic and physical chemistry to the typical local chemistry course. All chapters have been revised, with selected chapter openers and examples being updated to reflect the latest developments in the field of chemistry. New worked examples, practice exercises and end of chapter questions have been added throughout.

Available as a full-colour printed textbook with an interactive eBook code, this title enables every student to master concepts and succeed in assessment, with features designed to get the most of out learning by taking the roadblocks out of self-study.

You can expect components like lightboard videos of worked problems to help you break down the more challenging concepts into bite-sized chunks, animations and interactivities that are embedded at the point of learning to bring chemistry to life, Concepts Check questions at the end of every chapter that provide instant feedback and reinforces what you’re learning, and the ability to switch between reading something tangible and studying with online (or offline!) resources to allow for more efficient study with the option to search, highlight and annotate within the text.

Key Features

  • Lightboard videos of worked problems from trusted educators that help engage you in a meaningful way while breaking down the more challenging concepts into bite-sized chunks.
  • Concept reviews, interactive worked exampls, visualisations and knowledge check questions in-situ allow you to review, practice and apply what you’ve learnt.
  • Topics are broken down into digestible chapters that help ease you into the content.
Wiley Interactive E-Text
Wiley Interactive E-Text
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Practitioner Videos
Practitioner Videos

Video insights from high-profile practitioners help students connect course concepts with real-world local cases.


Animations and interactivities embedded at the point of learning bring course concepts to life.

Concept check questions
Concept check questions

Students can test their comprehension and get instant feedback with interactive Concept Check questions, embedded at the point of learning.

Search, highlight and annotate
Search, highlight and annotate

Interactive textbook lets students search, highlight and take notes within the text for efficient study.

Allan Blackman
Steven Bottle
Siegbert Schmid
Mauro Mocerino
Uta Wille
Chapter 1 The atom

Chapter 2 The language of chemistry

Chapter 3 Chemical reactions and stoichiometry

Chapter 4 Atomic energy levels

Chapter 5 Chemical bonding and molecular structure

Chapter 6 Gases

Chapter 7 Condensed phases: liquids and solids

Chapter 8 Chemical thermodynamics

Chapter 9 Chemical equilibrium

Chapter 10 Solutions and solubility

Chapter 11 Acids and bases

Chapter 12 Oxidation and reduction

Chapter 13 Transition metal chemistry

Chapter 14 The p-block elements

Chapter 15 Reaction kinetics

Chapter 16 The chemistry of carbon

Chapter 17 Chirality

Chapter 18 Haloalkanes

Chapter 19 Alcohols, amines and related compounds

Chapter 20 Spectroscopy

Chapter 21 Aldehydes and ketones

Chapter 22 Carbohydrates

Chapter 23 Carboxylic acids and their derivatives

Chapter 24 Amino acids, peptides and proteins

Chapter 25 The chemistry of DNA

Chapter 26 Polymers

Chapter 27 Nuclear chemistry

Textbook with Interactive E-Text Code: 9780730363286
Interactive E-Text: 9780730355083
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