Chemistry, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 9781742467078

Chemistry, 2nd Edition is an approachable and engaging chemistry textbook. It focuses on clear and interesting examples suited to first year chemistry students and is the most widely used chemistry text in Australia and New Zealand. This textbook will allow you to develop a solid understanding of key chemistry principles.


This text has been designed with WileyPLUS, where you can access an online version of the textbook which contains interactive visualisations. Concept Basics provide a basic synopsis of key chemistry concepts. In addition, you can access a comprehensive collection of practice tests that will help you ace your exams. By offering varied questions and instantaneous feedback to your answers, WileyPLUS makes every study session successful.


  • Chemistry Research boxes puts the content of the textbook into perspective, and illustrates how chemistry is important in a broader sense, beyond a university setting.
  • Chemistry Connection boxes show you how Chemistry directly connects to the world around you.
  • Unsurpassed online resources available through WileyPLUS.
Allan Blackman
University of Otago

Steven E Bottle
Queensland University of Technology

Siegbert Schmid
University of Sydney

Mauro Mocerino
Curtin University

Uta Wille
University of Melbourne

1. The atom
2. The language of chemistry
3. Chemical reactions and stoichiometry
4. Atomic energy levels
5. Chemical bonding and molecular structure
6. Gases
7. Condensed phases: liquids and solids
8. Chemical thermodynamics
9. Chemical equilibria
10. Solutions and solubility
11. Acids and bases
12. Oxidation and reduction
13. Transition metal chemistry
14. The p-block elements
15. Reaction kinetics
16. The chemistry of carbon
17. Chirality
18. Haloalkanes
19. Alcohols, amines and related compounds
20. Spectroscopy
21. Aldehydes and ketones
22. Carbohydrates
23. Carboxylic acids and their derivatives
24. Amino acids and proteins
25. The chemistry of DNA
26. Polymers
27. Nuclear chemistry
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