Cell and Molecular Biology, 8th Edition

ISBN: 9781118886144

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Cell and Molecular Biology, 8th Edition is the latest update from our market leading series. For the past 20 years this series has been the best resource at connecting key concepts to the experiments that reveal how we know what we know in the world of Cell Biology. Throughout this resource you will learn about the important core concepts, which are explored in considerable depth and delivered alongside reference to real-world experimental detail. This update focuses on building on the existing experimental approach from previous editions by harnessing modern technology.

In every chapter you will find the new and improved Human Perspectives sections, which have been a popular feature from previous editions. In addition to the full Human Perspectives sections each chapter is now introduced with a short “chapter opener” designed to give you a taste of what you are about to learn through stimulating issues or questions. For many student’s Quantitative concepts is a challenging area in Cell Biology, so to help you develop a better understanding of this we have included Quantitative Tutorial videos to visually illustrate how to solve specific analytical questions at the end of every chapter. These tutorials enable you to review the basic mathematical concepts used within the context of biological problem.

Our experienced author team have re-written this edition to be clear and easy to follow, so you will be able to retain and managing the plethora of details you will encounter throughout a Cell Biology course. In this edition, Wiley have expanded the author team with two new co-authors Janet Iwasa from the University of Utah and Wallace Marshall from UC San Francisco. These subject-experts have been introduced to enhance the existing strengths that the resource is renowned for, and they have also taken the opportunity to update and refresh the content and media in a useful way – and as a result have significantly improved the teaching and learning experience.


  • New Co-authors: Janet Iwasa (University of Utah) brings her expertise in illustration and 3D visualization of molecular processes to aid in student understanding of core concepts and to expand upon the experimental focus of the text.  Wallace Marshall (UC San Francisco) is a well-published Cell Biology researcher and serves on the President’s board of the American Society of Cell Biology. The unique credentials and skill-sets of these new authors help to transform this proven text into a modern, media-rich course solution.
  • Integration of experimental approaches throughout the text, Experimental Videos, as well as increased Experimental Pathways sections and in the techniques-focused chapter.
  • Increased emphasis on relevance to human health through The Human Perspective sections which have been expanded and updated.
Gerald Karp
University of Florida, Gainesville

Janet Iwasa
University of Utah

Wallace Marshall
University of California, San Francisco

1. Introduction to the Study of Cell and Molecular Biology
2. The Chemical Basis of Life
3. Bioenergetics, Enzymes and Metabolism
4. The Structure and Function of the Plasma Membrane
5. Aerobic Respiration and the Mitochondrion
6. Photosynthesis and the Chloroplast
7. Interactions Between Cells and Their Environment
8. Cytoplasmic Membrane Systems: Structure, Function, and Membrane Trafficking
9. The Cytoskeleton and Cell Motility
10. The Nature of the Gene and the Genome
11. Gene Expression: From Transcription to Translation
12. Control of Gene Expression
13. DNA Replication and Repair
14. Cellular Reproduction
15. Cell Signaling and Signal Transduction: Communication between Cells
16. Cancer
17. The Immune Response
18. Techniques in Cell and Molecular Biology
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