Calculus: Single and Multivariable, 7th Edition

ISBN: 9781119320494

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Calculus: Single and Multivariable, 7th Edition has been designed to allow you to not only complete computation allow you understanding the meaning behind the mathematics. Designed for students of all levels this edition this new edition has been streamlined to create a flexible approach to both theory and modeling.


This 7th Edition has built upon the previous editions successes and ability to challenge students with innovative and engaging problems. These problems will probe your understanding in ways that other resources in the field do not, with a variety of problems that will get you thinking creatively and developing skills and knowledge that will serve you throughout the unit and beyond. This resource includes a variety of problems and examples from the physical, health and biological sciences, engineering and economics – emphasizing the connection between calculus and other fields.


Deborah Hughes-Hallett
University of Arizona

William G. McCallum
University of Arizona

Andrew M. Gleason
Harvard University

Eric Connally
University Extension

Daniel E. Flath
Macalester College

Selin Kalaycioglu
New York University

Brigitte Lahme
Sonoma State University

Patti Frazer Lock
St. Lawrence University

David O. Lomen
University of Arizona

David Lovelock
University of Arizona

Guadalupe I. Lozano
University of Arizona

Jerry Morris
Sonoma State University

David Mumford
Brown University

Brad G. Osgood
Stanford University

Cody L. Patterson
University of Texas at San Antonio

Douglas Quinney
University of Keele

Karen R Rhea
University of Michigan

Ayse Arzu Sahin
Wright State University

Adam H. Spiegler
Loyola University Chicago

Jeff Tecosky-Feldman
Haverford College

Thomas W. Tucker
Colgate University

Aaron D. Wootton
University of Portland

Elliot J. Marks

1. Foundations for Calculus: Functions and Limits
2. Key Concept: The Derivative
3. Short-Cuts to Differentiation
4. Using the Derivative
5. Key Concept: The Definite Integral
6. Constructing Antiderivatives
7. Integration
8. Using the Definitive Integral
9. Sequences and Series
10. Approximating Functions Using Series
11. Differential Equations
12. Functions of Several Variables
13. A Fundamental Tool: Vectors
14. Differentiating Functions of Several Variables
15. Optimization: Local and Global Extreme
16. Integrating Functions of Several Variables
17. Parameterization and Vector Fields
18. Line Integrals
19. Flux Integrals and Divergence
20. The Curl and Stokes’ Theorem
21. Parameters, Coordinates, and Integrals
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