Business Law, 5th Edition

ISBN: 9780730369271

Business students need to know more than what the law is; you need to know where to find it; how to read it, how to use it and how it impacts on all areas of business. The fifth edition of Business Law (James et al.) is written for business students to provide a clear and accessible introduction to the legal system. Business law courses are the first exposure to law for many business students and the first time you are obliged to think deeply about the discipline. This updated edition presents business law in a practical context unlike other textbooks in this area.

The Business Law interactive e-text features a range of media content designed to provide you with an engaging learning experience. This includes practitioner videos from Herbert Smith Freehills, animated work problems and questions with immediate feedback.


  • Practitioner videos from Herbert Smith Freehills help connect course content with real world examples
  • A running case video series across the text helps you apply the theory you have learned.
  • Interactive questions at the point of learning help you test your comprehension
  • Written with the business student in mind, with a practical narrative
Nickolas James
Timothy Thomas
Chapter 1. Introducing the law
Chapter 2. The Australian legal system
Chapter 3. Politicians and judges
Chapter 4. How to find, understand and use the law
Chapter 5. Deliberately causing harm
Chapter 6. Carelessly causing harm
Chapter 7. Contract law: formation of the contract
Chapter 8. Contract law: terms of the contract
Chapter 9. Contract law: enforcement of the contract
Chapter 10. Contract law: working with agents
Chapter 11. Dealing with consumers
Chapter 12. Dealing with competitors
Chapter 13. Protecting IP
Chapter 14. Managing a business: start-up
Chapter 15. Managing a business: business ownership
Chapter 16. Managing a business: companies and corporate governance
Chapter 17. Managing a business: employing workers
Chapter 18. Managing a business: closing down
Chapter 19. Managing a business: Making payments and recovering debts (eChapter)
Chapter 20. Managing a business: Insurance and taxes (eChapter)
Interactive E-Text: 9780730369158
Textbook with Interactive E-Text Code: 9780730369271
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