Project Description

Researchers and educators agree that it takes more than academic knowledge to be prepared for college—intrapersonal competencies like conscientiousness have been proven to be strong determinants of success. WileyPLUS Learning Space for Anatomy & Physiology helps you identify  students’ proficiency early in the semester and intervene as needed.

Anatomy and Physiology 1st edition is focused on aiding critical thinking, conceptual understanding, and application of knowledge. Real-life clinical stories allow for a richer investigation of content, ensuring that students understand the relevance to their lives and future careers.


Gail Jenkins
Christopher Kemnitz
Gerard J. Tortora
Chapter 1: An Introduction to the Human Body

Chapter 2: The Chemical Level of Organization

Chapter 3: The Cellular Level of Organization

Chapter 4: The Tissue Level of Organization

Chapter 5: The Integumentary System

Chapter 6: Introduction to the Skeletal System

Chapter 7: The Axial Skeleton

Chapter 8: The Appendicular Skeleton

Chapter 9: Articulations

Chapter 10: Muscle Tissue

Chapter 11: The Muscular System

Chapter 12: Introduction to the Nervous System

Chapter 13: The Central Nervous System

Chapter 14: The Peripheral Nervous System

Chapter 15: Sensory, Motor, and Integrative Systems

Chapter 16: The Special Senses

Chapter 17: The Endocrine System

Chapter 18: The Cardiovascular System: The Blood

Chapter 19: The Cardiovascular System: The Heart

Chapter 20: The Cardiovascular System: Blood Vessels

Chapter 21: The Lymphatic System and Immunity

Chapter 22: The Respiratory System

Chapter 23: The Digestive System

Chapter 24: The Urinary System

Chapter 25: The Reproductive Systems and Development

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