CQUniversity ACCT20075 / ACCT20040: Auditing & Professional Ethics (Custom Text)

ISBN: 9780730330257

Auditing and Professional Ethics is a custom publication, designed to fit CQU’s Financial Auditing and Ethics (ACCT20075) and Auditing and Ethical Practice (ACCT20040) courses perfectly.


Chapter 1 – Introduction and overview of audit and assurance
Chapter 2 – Ethics, legal liability and client acceptance
Chapter 3 – Risk assessment I
Chapter 4 – Risk assessment II
Chapter 5 – Gaining an understanding of the client’s system of internal controls
Chapter 6 – Audit sampling
Chapter 7 – Execution of the audit — testing of controls
Chapter 8 – Execution of the audit — performing substantive procedures
Chapter 9 – Substantive testing and balance sheet accounts
Chapter 10 – Substantive testing and income statement accounts
Chapter 11 – Completing the audit
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