Accounting: Building Business Skills, 4th Edition

ISBN: 9781742466347

Accounting: Building Business Skills, 4th Edition is a well-written and accessible textbook, aimed at first-year accounting students. Featuring ample illustrations and focusing on applications to businesses, this text demonstrates how the usage of accounting information can lead to business success. This text takes a unique approach to teaching accounting by balancing a “user” and “preparer” perspective, and integrates real financial information to illustrate business decision choices and how decisions are made using accounting information.


  • Chapter-Opening Previews contain charts that visually represent the chapter’s outline. Each of these chapter “road maps” establishes the chapter’s key concepts and their relationship to one another.
  • Chapter-Opening Vignettes are brief stories that show you how key topics of the chapter relate to the real world of business and accounting. Throughout the chapter the authors refer back to opening vignettes, putting ideas back into familiar context for you.
  • Business Insight boxes relate the chapter’s content to actual accounting situations in real business. Three different icons identify three different points of view: Management Insights, Investor Insights and International Insights.
Shirley Carlon is a senior lecturer in the Australian School of Business at the University of New South Wales. Her teaching interests include both financial and managerial accounting and auditing. Shirley has considerable experience in the delivery of both external and internal programs, including web-based courses. Shirley has received a national teaching citation award for outstanding contributions to student learning for innovations in curriculum development and the creation of peer support mechanisms for off-campus students.

Rosina McAlpine-Mladenovic is an associate professor in the University of Sydney Business School, Australia. Rosina has received five international best paper awards for her research and has been awarded faculty, university and national teaching excellence awards. One of Rosina’s main research areas is accounting education, and current interests include investigating assessment methods, student’s perceptions and approaches to learning as ways to improve accounting education practice.

Chrisann Palm is a lecturer in accountancy at Queensland University of Technology. She is a CPM and has a Graduate Diploma in Management (AGSM) and a Master of Commerce (CSU). She lectures in introductory accounting, management accounting, superannuation and financial planning. Prior to joining the tertiary sector in 2004, Chrisann worked as a management accountant for a manufacturing company in Hong Kong as well as in the financial services industry in Sydney.

Paul Kimmel is an associate professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He has won numerous awards that recognise his teaching and research contributions, and has published articles in various accounting journals. His research interests include accounting for financial instruments and innovation in accounting education.

Donald E. Kieso is currently the KPMG Peat Marwick Emeritus Professor of Accountancy at Northern Illinois University, where he has won many teaching awards. He has served on many boards including the Illinois CPA Society and the AACSB’s Accounting Accreditation Committee, and has been Secretary-Treasurer of the American Accounting Association.

Jerry J. Weygandt is Arthur Andersen Alumni Professor of Accounting at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His research lies in the areas of financial reporting issues such as accounting for price level adjustments, pensions, convertible securities, stock option contracts and interim reports. He has served on numerous committees and boards, most notably the American Accounting Association, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Accounting Standards Executive Committee.

1. An introduction to accounting
2. The accounting information system
3. Accrual accounting concepts
4. Inventories
5. Reporting and analysing inventory
6. Accounting subsystems
7. Internal control, cash and receivables
8. Reporting and analysing non-current assets
9. Reporting and analysing liabilities
10. Reporting and analysing equity
11. Statement of cash flows
12. Financial statement analysis
13. Analysing and integrating GAAP
14. Introduction to management accounting
15. Cost accounting systems
16. Cost–volume–profit relationships
17. Budgeting
18. Incremental analysis and capital budgeting
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