Monash University ACC1200 / ACF1200: Accounting for Managers, 2nd Edition (Custom Text)

ISBN: 9780730345701

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Accounting for Managers, 2nd Edition is a custom publication, designed to fit Monash University’s Accounting for Managers (ACC1200 and ACF1200) course perfectly. It covers the basic principles of business decision making using fundamental concepts and tools from the disciplines of financial accounting, management accounting and finance. Focusing on how accounting information is used in business decision-making processes, the text provides clear explanations, applications and supporting digital resources to help you appreciate the significant role of accounting information in all business environments.


Chapter 1 – Introduction to accounting and business decision making
Chapter 2 – Business transactions
Chapter 3 – Income statement and statement of changes in equity
Chapter 4 – Balance sheet
Chapter 5 – Statement of cash flows
Chapter 6 – Business structures
Chapter 7 – Business planning and performance measurement
Chapter 8 – Budgeting
Chapter 9 – Cost–volume –profit analysis
Chapter 10 – Costing and pricing in an entity
Chapter 11 – Analysis and interpretation of financial statements
Chapter 12 – Capital investment
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