Western Sydney University 200911.1: Enterprise Innovation and Markets 3e (Custom Text)

ISBN: 9780730344278

Enterprise Innovation and Markets is a custom title, tailored to fit WSU’s Enterprise Innovation and Markets unit perfectly.


Part 1: Innovation
Chapter 1: The clever country
Chapter 2: Creativity, innovation, opportunities and entrepreneurship

Part 2: Marketing
Chapter 3: Marketing, the environment and market analysis
Chapter 4: Identifying customers
Chapter 5: Elements of the marketing mix

Part 3: Economics
Chapter 6: Economics: demand and supply
Chapter 7: Economic decisions and market structure — perfect competition (the theory of competitive firm)
Chapter 8: Market structures — imperfect competition (monopolistic competition and oligopoly) and monopoly

Part 4: Enterprise
Chapter 9: Business markets and entrepreneurs
Chapter 10: The entrepreneurial process
Chapter 11: Starting an enterprise: the entrepreneurship alternatives

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