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Understanding Research Methods for Evidence-Based Practice in Health
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Understanding Research Methods for Evidence-Based Practice in Health, 3rd Edition

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ISBN: 9781394177202

This book is being used at:
Auckland University of Technology, Australian Catholic University, Curtin University, Deakin University, Edith Cowan University, Flinders University, Griffith University, Macquarie University, University of the Sunshine Coast, University of Wollongong, Western Sydney University

In this third edition of Greenhalgh’s award-winning Understanding Research Methods for Evidence-Based Practice in Health, students will gain a complete overview of the most common topics covered in a standard 12-week evidence-based practice unit for Nursing and Allied Health courses. Throughout the text, they will find engaging and insightful content, which has a unique focus on consumers of research – keeping students focused on the skills most relevant to them.

Features include videos that help students connect the theoretical with the practical, interactivities and animations that help bring course concepts to life and knowledge check questions throughout the text that provide guidance for further study. This title enables students to master concepts and succeed in assessment by taking the roadblocks out of self-study, with features designed so they get the most out of learning.


  • Focusing exclusively on what is taught in most 12-week unit outlines across ANZ.

  • A focus on consuming research, rather than producing research, ensuring you learn how to interpret academic research.

  • Engaging and relevant videos of nursing and allied health professionals, and end of chapter branched-chain scenarios that help give a clinical context to why this subject is important.

Trisha Greenhalgh

John Bidewell (WSU)

Elaine Crisp (UTAS)

Amanda Lambros

Jane Warland (Curtin)

Gordana Dermody (USC)

Chapter 1 Introduction to research, the research process and EBP 

Chapter 2 Asking questions and searching for evidence 

Chapter 3 Reviewing literature

Chapter 4 Qualitative research 

Chapter 5 Quantitative research 

Chapter 6 Levels of evidence

Chapter 7 Statistics for the non-statistician 

Chapter 8 Mixed methods research

Chapter 9 Sampling 

Chapter 10 Ethics 

Chapter 11 Getting evidence into practice 

Chapter 12 Challenges to evidence-based practice 

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Interactive E-Text: 9781394177219
Print & Interactive E-Text Code: 9781394177202

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