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Teaching In Inclusive School Communities Carrington
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Teaching in Inclusive School Communities, 1st Edition


ISBN: 9780730302209

Teaching in Inclusive School Communities, 1st Edition is the essential resource to provide pre-service teachers with the most contemporary, ethical and useful framework for incorporating diversity and inclusive practices in today’s classroom. Fourteen concise chapters compose a focused picture of the values and beliefs that inform the inclusive education approach, with the most up-to-date connections to curriculum and pedagogy throughout.

Complemented by the latest research in the field, this text provides the practical knowledge and skills needed for inclusive classroom teaching in Australia and New Zealand, as well as a thorough analysis of exactly what is required to build respectful relationships in modern school communities.


Suzanne Carrington

Jude MacArthur

PART 1 Introduction to inclusive education

Chapter 1 Towards an inclusive education for all

Chapter 2 The social and political underpinnings of the inclusive education movement

Chapter 3 Inclusion and social justice: teachers as agents of change

Chapter 4 Ethics in inclusive education

PART 2 Inclusive education communities

Chapter 5 Education in city and suburban communities

Chapter 6 Indigenous education in Australia

Chapter 7 Inclusive education and Maori communities in Aotearoa New Zealand

PART 3 Developing positive identities: Language, beliefs, values and relationships

Chapter 8 Naming or creating a problem? The misuse of labels in schools

Chapter 9 Developing relationships that support learning and participation

Chapter 10 Children’s and young people’s social participation

PART 4 The practical skills of working in inclusive schools

Chapter 11 Curriculum, assessment, teaching and learning for all

Chapter 12 Interprofessional learning and its contribution to inclusive education

Chapter 13 The relational role of teacher aides in supporting students and teachers

Chapter 14 Using the Infex for Inclusion to develop inclusive school communities

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E-Text: 9780730302209
Textbook: 9780730335559

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