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Principles of Anatomy and Physiology For Nursing and Healthcare Students in Australia, 1st Edition

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ISBN: 9780730391944

This book is being used at:

Flinders University

Principles of Anatomy and Physiology for Nursing and Healthcare Students in Australia, 1st Edition has been brought to life by a team of local authors to deliver truly relevant content.

Peate et al. deliver content that is regionally specific to Australia and its healthcare priorities, including Indigenous health. Local case studies reinforce the concept of ‘thinking like a nurse,’ enhancing your ability to apply clinical reasoning to patient care.

The eBook offers fresh digital learning tools such as videos by local academics, interactive exercises, and connective learning opportunities that assist in the learning process.


  • Clinical Reasoning Cycle case studies that focus on Australian health and nursing.
  • Interactive multimedia in the e-text brings the learning to life and allowing for an interactive experience.
  • Video interviews with experienced professionals applying the science to a real-world scenario.
Ian Peate

Suzanne Evans

Amy Byrne (CQU)

Will Deasy (CQU)

Michele Dowlman (UTAS)

Pauline Gillan (QUT)

Siva Purushothuman

Dan Wadsworth (USC)

Chapter 1. Basic scientific principles of physiology
Chapter 2. Cells, cellular compartments, transport systems, fluid movement between compartments
Chapter 3. Genetics
Chapter 4. Tissue
Chapter 5. Embryology
Chapter 6. The muscular system
Chapter 7. The skeletal system
Chapter 8. The circulatory system
Chapter 9. The cardiac system
Chapter 10. The digestive system
Chapter 11. The renal system
Chapter 12. The respiratory system
Chapter 13. The reproductive systems
Chapter 14. The nervous system
Chapter 15. The senses
Chapter 16. The endocrine system
Chapter 17. The immune system
Chapter 18 The skin
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Interactive E-Text: 9780730391951
Print & Interactive E-Text Code: 9780730391944

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