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Principles of Financial Accounting 3rd Edition Jerry J Weygandt
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Principles of Financial Accounting, 3rd Edition

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ISBN: 9780730324027

Principles of Financial Accounting, Third Edition demonstrates the value of accounting information in business planning and growth. Real company financial information and annual reports are examined and explained. Review It questions allow you to review your understanding of key points. Ideal for first-year students, this textbook will provide you with a fantastic foundation to build upon throughout the rest of your degree.


  • Chapter Scene Setter presents an overview of the chapter, helping you understand the context of the accounting information presented. In many chapters, the Scene Setter is based upon financial information for a real company.
  • Accounting in Action Boxes give you glimpses into the real world of business—including sustainability, eBusiness, ethics and international business.

  • Includes Broadening Your Perspective case studies, which focus on financial analysis, interpretation, ethics and research that apply the concepts presented in the chapter.

Jerry Weygandt is an Arthur Andersen professor of accounting at the University of Wisconsin-Madison receiving the Wisconsin Institute of CPAs Outstanding Educator’s Award and Lifetime Achievement Award as well as the 2001 American Accounting Association’s Outstanding Accounting Educator Award. He has served on the FASB task force that examined the reporting issues related to accounting for income taxes. Articles by Professor Weygandt have appeared in the Accounting Review, Journal of Accounting Research, Accounting Horizons, Journal of Accountancy, and other academic and professional journals.

Lorena Mitrione, BCom, MBus, CPA, joined Monash University, Department of Accounting and Finance, in 2009 as a lecturer. For 12 years prior to this, she worked at CPA Australia. Since 2001 she was the CPA Program Manager responsible for the development and maintenance of CPA Program materials and examinations. In this role Lorena developed a sound sense of the requirements for accounting learning materials while maintaining an up-to-date knowledge of accounting standards, accounting research, technical accounting matters and business practices.

Michaela Rankin, PhD (RMIT), MEc (UNE), GradCertHE (Monash), BBus(Hons) (USQ), CPA, is currently a senior lecturer in the Department of Accounting and Finance at Monash University, Melbourne. Prior to joining Monash, Michaela held positions at RMIT University and the University of Southern Queensland, where she was awarded the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia Award for Teaching Excellence in 1998. She teaches financial accounting and accounting theory at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Michaela has a broad range of research interests, including financial reporting and governance, executive compensation, the regulation and practice of sustainability reporting, carbon emissions disclosure, and accounting education. She has published widely in international journals including Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, British Accounting Review, Accounting and Finance, Higher Education Research & Development and Australian Accounting Review.

Keryn Chalmers, BCom, Grad Dipl, PhD, joined Monash University in 2003, and is the Head of the Department of Accounting and Finance, Monash University. For 15 years prior to this, she was with the School of Accounting and Finance at Victoria University. Her teaching responsibilities at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels have primarily been in financial accounting and financial analysis. Keryn is an active researcher in the financial accounting and financial reporting area, specifically in relation to accounting policy and disclosure choices of management.

Donald E. Kiseo is currently KPMG Emeritus Professor of Accountancy, and has served as chairman of the Department of Accountancy at Northern Illinois University. He has received NIU’s Teaching Excellence Award and four Golden Apple Teaching Awards. He has public accounting experience with Price Waterhouse & Co. and Arthur Andersen & Co. and has completed post-doctorate work as a Visiting Scholar at the University of California at Berkeley. Don also has research experience with the Research Division of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Paul D. Kimmel is an Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin and Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He’s received multiple teaching awards, including the Elijah Watts Sells Award for Honorary Distinction for results on the CPA exam. Paul was a former public accountant with Deloitte & Touche, Minneapolis. He has published papers and spoken on incorporating critical thinking into accounting education and has written articles that have appeared in Accounting Review, Accounting Horizons, Advances in Management Accounting, Managerial Finance, Issues in Accounting Education, Journal of Accounting Education, and others.

1. Accounting in action
2. The recording process
3. Adjusting the accounts
4. Completion of the accounting cycle
5. Accounting for retail operations
6. Inventories
7. Accounting information systems
8. Internal control and cash
9. Accounting for receivables
10. Property, plant and equipment; intangible assets and goodwill; mineral resources and biological assets
11. Current liabilities and payroll accounting
12. Accounting concepts and principles
13. Accounting for partnerships
14. Companies: share capital
15. Companies: dividends, retained earnings and income reporting
16. Non-current liabilities
17. Investments
18. The statement of cash flows
19. Financial statement analysis

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