Steven Bottle is a graduate of the University of Queensland where he completed Honours in Organic Chemistry. After working in various jobs in the pharmaceutical and mining industries, he subsequently undertook a PhD at Griffith University in collaboration with the CSIRO. On completion of his PhD he was awarded an Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship before taking up an academic position at QUT, where he has risen to the rank of full professor and where he currently leads the Molecular Design and Synthesis discipline within the school of Chemistry, Physics and Mechanical Engineering. Steven is a teaching and research academic with an established reputation for excellence in both pure and applied research, matched with demonstrated teaching capabilities and professional expertise. He has a reputation for inventive and pioneering research and has achieved international recognition for his expertise in the chemistry and applications of free radicals, especially in the context of antioxidant drugs and novel materials. Steven’s particular interests include the use of stable nitroxide free radicals in synthesis, polymers and other materials as analytical tools and antioxidant drugs. Stable nitroxide free radicals play critical roles as additives (protecting coatings and plastics), as tools to make new materials and even as new antioxidant medicines. Steven has led much of the modern research on discovering new forms of nitroxide free radicals and applying them in a range of contexts, including as medicinally active compounds, detectors of free radical damage in materials and monitors of particulate pollution that impacts on human health.