Physics, 1st Australian & New Zealand Edition

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ISBN: 9780730382881


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The ideal physics resource for students without a calculus background, Cutnell’s Physics, 1st Australian and New Zealand Edition, has been reimagined for the first time for ANZ students. This new [...]

Physics, 11th Edition

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ISBN: 9781119326342

The eleventh edition of Cutnell's Physics provides students with the skills that they need to succeed in this course, by focusing on conceptual understanding; problem solving; and providing real-world applications [...]

Physics, 10th Edition

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ISBN: 9781118486894

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Physics, 10th Edition is an approachable and engaging physics textbook. It focuses on clear and interesting examples, and will allow you to develop a solid understanding of key physics principles. [...]

Physics, 10th Edition Student Solutions Manual

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ISBN: 9781119420651

The Student Solutions Manual provides answers and worked solutions to selected end of chapter problems from the Physics, 10th Edition resource. John D. Cutnell Southern Illinois [...]

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University of New South Wales PHYS1111/PHYS1149: Fundamentals of Physics

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ISBN: 9781119561798


This custom page contains the specific material you’ll need for your PHYS1111/PHYS1149 course at the University of New South Wales. Features As part of Wiley's ongoing commitment to [...]