Mental Health Care, 3rd Edition

Authors: Catherine Hungerford, Gillian Murphy, Donna Hodgson, Gideon de Jong, Irene Ngune, Richard Bostwick, Richard Clancy

ISBN: 9780730344612

Mental Health Care: An Introduction for Health Professionals in Australia, 3rd Edition covers the challenges that nursing professionals will face in their everyday roles. This text discusses, in a jargon-free way, [...]

Caring for Older People in Australia, 2nd Edition

Authors: Amanda Johnson , Esther Chang

ISBN: 9780730328346

From a combined team of academics and practicing clinicians, Johnson’s Caring for Older People in Australia, Second Edition is the most representative resource in the market, featuring a diverse range [...]

Understanding Research Methods for Evidence-Based Practice in Health, 1st Edition

Authors: Trisha M. Greenhalgh , John Bidewell , Elaine Crisp , Amanda Lambros , Jane Warland

ISBN: 978EEGRP29996

From heavyweight health author Trisha Greenhalgh and an all-star team of Australian contributors, this first edition is the only resource tailored specifically to align with the most common topics in [...]

Caring for Older People in Australia, 1st Edition

Authors: Amanda Johnson, Esther Chang

ISBN: 9781118384121

Caring for Older People in Australia covers the issues facing older Australians and details ways to promote their well-being and preserve their dignity. This text uses a person-centred, primary healthcare [...]

How to Read a Paper, 5th Edition

Authors: Trisha Greenhalgh

ISBN: 9781118801093

An ideal introduction to evidence-based medicine, How to Read a Paper, 5th Edition explains what to look for in different types of papers and how best to evaluate the literature [...]

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