Systems Analysis and Design, 6th Edition

ISBN: 9781118897867

Systems Analysis and Design 6th Edition continues to offer a hands-on approach to SAD while focusing on the core set of skills that all analysts must possess. Building on their experience as professional systems analysts and award-winning teachers, authors Dennis, Wixom, and Roth capture the experience of developing and analyzing systems in a way that you can understand and apply.

With Systems Analysis and Design, 6th Edition, students will leave the course with experience that forms a rich foundation for their further work as a systems analyst. The sixth edition provides a structured approach to Systems Analysis and Design while also integrating object-oriented techniques as appropriate, for example, the development of use cases is presented as the first step in process modeling.

There has been an extensive reworking of Chapter 9 in this textbook, User Interface Design: an addition of important current user interface concepts, including usability, user experience (UX), issues of designing for touch screen interfaces, and several additional user interface design tools, including site maps, wireframe diagrams, and wire flow diagrams.


  • Focus on doing Systems Analysis and Design: After presenting the how and what of each major technique, the text guides you through practice problems and invites you to use the technique in a project.
  • Project-based approach: Topics are presented in the order in which an analyst would encounter them in a typical project.
  • Real-world focus with many examples: Several running cases serve as templates that you can apply to your own work. In addition, Concepts in Action examples describe how real companies succeeded (and failed) in performing Systems Analysis and Design activities.
Alan Dennis
The University of Georgia

Barbara Haley Wixom
University of Virginia

Roberta M. Roth
University of Northern Iowa

CHAPTER 1 The Systems Analyst and Information Systems Development
CHAPTER 2 Project Selection and Management

CHAPTER 3 Requirements
CHAPTER 4 Use Case Analysis
CHAPTER 5 Process Modeling
CHAPTER 6 Data Modeling

CHAPTER 7 Moving into Design
CHAPTER 8 Architecture Design
CHAPTER 9 User Interface Design
CHAPTER 10 Program Design
CHAPTER 11 Data Storage Design

CHAPTER 12 Moving into Implementation
CHAPTER 13 Transition to the New System
CHAPTER 14 The Movement to Objects (Online Only)

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E-Text: 9781118897867
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