Social Psychology, 1st Australian and New Zealand Edition

ISBN: 9780730333746

The latest offering from leading Psychology author and Teaching and Learning expert Lorelle Burton, Social Psychology draws on the same proven pedagogical approach as her award-winning Psychology 4e – using vivid and personally relevant examples of psychology concepts to promote memory and understanding. Delivered as an interactive Wiley E-Text: Powered by VitalSource, this first edition brings social psychology to life with concise, digestible reading content integrated with media and activities to help you combat ‘information overload’.


  • Proven Pedagogy: Burton’s renowned pedagogical approach is enhanced with digital scaffolding around every chapter, designed to engage you and help you take responsibility for your own learning.
  • Real-world Applications: ‘Connections’ segments draw links between theory and real world examples of social psychology concepts in play in areas such as Business, Media and Law.
  • Social Media Coverage: Social Psychology has more in-depth coverage of social media through the lens of psychology than any other text in the market.
  • Accessible Content: Concise, engaging content delivered in digestible chunks to help combat ‘information overload’.
  • Interactive E-Text: Brings course content to life with embedded rich media such as video, animation and interactives.
  • Trusted Authorship: Know you’re getting the best content from Australia’s leading Psychology author.
Professor Lorelle Burton is a renowned Australian teaching and learning expert in Psychology and is the author of widely used texts Psychology 4e and An Interactive Approach to Writing Essays and Research Reports in Psychology, currently in its third edition. Lorelle is Professor of Psychology at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ), and is a fully registered psychologist and a full member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS). One of the keys to Lorelle’s success as a teacher is her commitment to developing innovative approaches to course design and delivery. Her design and authorship of Social Psychology, 1st Australian and New Zealand edition has adopted this same approach. In developing this interactive Wiley E-Text, Lorelle has kept her students’ quality of learning experience front of mind and has passionately embraced new digital publishing technologies, creating a scaffolding of interactive and animated content to equip students with a solid understanding of social psychological concepts and key terms. Lorelle’s passion for teaching psychology has been recognised with a number of teaching excellence awards, both locally and nationally. Lorelle is Research Leader of Community Futures Research Program, where she works collaboratively with marginalised youth and the aged, examining the challenges they face and identifying the key contributing factors to these social issues. In partnership with St Vincent De Paul, Lorelle runs a Clemente program in Toowoomba, Queensland, enabling marginalised people to reconnect with higher education.
1. Introducing social psychology
2. Self-perception and self-presentation
3. Social perception
4. Social cognition
5. Attitude formation and change
6. Persuasion
7. Social influence: norms, conformity, compliance and obedience
8. Group influence: the impact of group process
9. Stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination
10. Aggression
11. Interpersonal attraction and close relationships
12. Altruism and prosocial behaviour
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