ISBN: 9780730308331

Is that tricky referencing holding you back? AssignMentor is an application designed to help you with writing and referencing essays, assignments and reports. It has been specifically designed by university academics as a practical learning tool. AssignMentor enhances student understanding of the process of writing essays, assignments or reports, enabling more time to be spent on associated research, analysis and learning. It effectively prepares students to move from teacher-assisted learning to self-directed learning.


  • Interactive Templates: Essay template, Report template, Literature Review template.
  • Concise, step by step instructions with specific entry fields for each section of the assignment, as well as floating sidebars to keep your focus as you write.
  • A unique word count calculator.
  • Each template has unique programming features designed to specifically prevent common errors of that particular writing genre.
  • Reference builder for each template (Harvard and APA referencing styles), with examples to follow.
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