Massey University 175.101/175.102: Psychology as a Social Science

ISBN: 9781742166445

Lorelle Burton’s Psychology, 3rd Australian and New Zealand Edition is the leading resource for first-year psychology students. Endorsed by the Australian Psychological Society, Psychology will not only provide you with the knowledge you need to pass your introductory course, but will also become a go-to text throughout your psychology degree. Building on the success of the award-winning previous editions, Psychology, 3rd Australian and New Zealand Edition now features: a supplementary Student’s Guide to DSM-5, comprehensive coverage of local and international data, research and examples in the dynamic field of psychology, and coverage of cross-cultural and indigenous psychology, a key requirement for the professional accreditation of psychology degrees.

Psychology, 3rd Australian and New Zealand Edition comes packed with iStudy.  iStudy is an application that uses interactive modules to test your knowledge and help you understand the principles of introductory psychology. Best of all, iStudy is available on a range of operating systems which means you can use it anytime, anywhere.


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