Michael Nagel

Educational Psychology, 2nd Australian Edition

Authors: Angela M. O’Donnell, Eva Dobozy, Brendan Bartlett, Michael Nagel, Rebecca Spooner-Lane, Amina Youssef-Shalala, Johnmarshall Reeve, Jeffrey K. Smith

ISBN: 9780730315469


Building on the success of the first edition, Educational Psychology, Second Australian Edition, draws together the pre-eminent academic voices in Australia’s educational psychology landscape. The culmination of the authors’ knowledge, [...]

Teaching Making a Difference, 2nd Edition

Authors: Rick Churchill, Peter Ferguson, Sally Godinho, Nicola Johnson, Amanda Keddie, Will Letts, Jenny Mackay, Michèle McGill, Julianne Moss, Michael Nagel, Paul Nicholson, Melissa Vick

ISBN: 9780730310228

Teaching Making a Difference, 2nd Edition will help you understand what makes a good teacher in a diverse classroom. As a future teacher, understanding the different learning styles of students [...]

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