Business Finance, 1st Edition

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ISBN: 9780730328421


Discover the first ever edition of Parrino’s Business Finance – an engaging new resource tailored specifically to the typical first year finance unit, covering all core topics in 15 concise [...]

Finance Essentials, 1st Edition

Authors: ,  ,  ,  ,  

ISBN: 9780730344599

Finance Essentials 1st edition has been specifically developed for use in an introductory and core finance unit for students undertaking a business degree. It is eminently more suited for business students [...]

University of Wollongong (FIN111): Introductory Principles of Finance

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ISBN: 9780730358664


This custom E-Text contains the specific material you’ll need for your FIN111 course at the University of Wollongong. Features As part of Wiley's ongoing commitment to higher education, the [...]

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